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Ultimate Marriage

With Dale & Veronica Partridge

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Twelve months. fifty-two challenges. Incredible growth.

Ultimate Marriage is a one-year, online marriage mentor program built on biblical theology, deep community, and action.

12 Live Marriage webcasts
Each month Dale & Veronica teach a live 90-minute lesson based on that month’s marriage theme.
52 marriage Challenges
Each week Dale & Veronica call couples to a practical challenge to strengthen their marriage.
Private online community
Through Facebook Groups, text messages, and our online platform, couples can share & discuss.

Twelve-Month Marriage Curriculum

A simple step-by-step roadmap to a thriving and enjoyable marriage
01 Theology
The Bible’s perspective and instruction for marriage
02 Oneness
The art of emotional, practical, and spiritual unity
03 Roles
The lifestyle of a biblical husband and wife
04 Sex
The purpose and practice of a thriving sex life
05 Money
The meaning of money and how it supports marriage
06 Children
The heart God calls Christians to have about children
07 Dating
The experience and skill of having regular adventure
08 Talking
The ability to maintain healthy communication
09 Community
The art of establishing strong biblical community
10 Boundaries
The protection of your marriage
11 Love
The true, unvandalized definition of love
12 Holiness
The purpose of a Christian marriage
“Dale and Veronica have been an inspiration to our marriage. They are two people who are truly walking out their biblical roles with love, understanding, and eloquence. This program will be a blessing to many.
jeremy & audrey roloff
Dale and Veronica are the real deal. It's rare to see couples from their generation standing up for biblical truth—especially when it's unpopular in the culture. John and I love their hearts and we know you will too."
John & Lisa Bevere
“We've known Dale and Veronica since the beginning of their marriage. Their growth, maturity and willingness to see God transform them over the years is nothing less than inspiring. I can honesty say their heart's desire is simply to point couples to Christ."

Enrollment Closes July 25th 2018

Included in your program
· Twelve 90-Minute Live Marriage Sessions
· 52-Week Devotional + Marriage Challenge
· Twelve Live Q&A's with Dale & Veronica
· Private Ultimate Marriage Facebook Group
· Weekly Text Message Encouragements
· 10% Off All Ultimate Marriage Retreats
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Dale & Veronica Partridge
Dale & Veronica Partridge
We believe a good marriage isn’t something you have, it’s something you make.

To be honest, we haven’t innovated some revolutionary approach to marriage. We have simply committed to doing what the Bible insructs even when it’s uncomfortable, unpopular, or down right difficult.

Ultimate Marriage is about understanding and implementing God’s ultimate design for husband and wife. It’s about love, humilty, and truth. It’s not easy, but those who have done it just so happen to be the ones with the greatest marriages on earth.

Quick facts about dale & veronica
  • Approaching 10 Years of Marriage
  • Three Children (and want more)
  • Live on a 7-Acre Farm in Central Oregon
  • 100% Debt Free
  • Obsessed With “Everybody Loves Raymond”
  • Plant & Pastor House Churches
  • Finishing Graduate Studies at Western Seminary

Five Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ultimate Marriage program for you? Need more clarity?
If we don't like the program, can we cancel?

Geeze. A little harsh don’t you think? But yes, if you pay monthly you can cancel at any time. However, you will be charged for your last payment but will not be charged for future payments. If you paid in full, you can also cancel any time but we will prorate your refund to 90-days after your cancellation date. For example, if you stay for 5 months, you won’t be refunded for 7 months but instead 4 months. This is due to accounting, processing fees, and corporate tax allocation. Lastly, if you cancel before the program is over you will lose access to all the content and be removed from the group. If you stay for the entire program, you will have access to the content as long as we exist.

Is the content only live or can I watch it later?

If you can’t watch it live, don’t worry. All the content (videos, PDF’s, Q&A’s) will be posted to your dashboard to view later. Also, if you complete the program you will have access to the content forever.

Can I enroll even if my spouse isn’t interested?

Great question! Yes. Of course, we would love to have both of you on the journey together. But one is better than none. If the principles in this program are applied to your marriage, we believe the other party will join eventually.

Can we enroll if we’re engaged but not married?

Yes. If you are formally engaged to be married within 12 months or less you are welcome to enroll.

How much access will we have to Dale & Veronica?

Actually quite a bit. Dale and Veronica will be interacting in the private Facebook Group several times per week. This, in combination with weekly text messages and answering your questions live each month, should allow you to feel close with both Dale and Veronica and other couples in the program.

Do we have to follow the program or can we go at our own pace?

Ideally, you would follow the program. However, if you get behind or just need some time off, don’t sweat it. Life happens. Our number one desire is that you simply finish the program (whenever that may be).